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Rodney Williams


A dedicated member of the band for many years.


Paulton Concert Band played a memorial concert for the late Rodney Williams. (Chairman for the band.) The concert was attended by many of Rodney's friends and family. Rodneys family also made a presentation of a brand new E flat Bass to the band, which was bought with the funds put forward in memory of Rodney Williams. The tunes the band played were very thought out and were all chosen because they were Rodney's favourites, or because they reminded people of him. I'm sure he would have loved it!


Rodney was our Chairperson. He was with the band for a very long time! He organised the band comittee meetings, and took the bookings and planned the events for the band. He was A very organised and needed member of the band and is now very much missed, not only becauseof the amount of work he did for the band but also because his cheery personality is not there on a Monday practice anymore. :-( Rodney used to play percussion and will always be remembered for his gong smash at the end of Bohemian Rhapsody!

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