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Richard Soulsby, Musical Director.


Richard received his formal musical training with the Royal Marines Band Service in which he spent 15 years traveling extensively during that time. He joined up playing the Euphonium and Cello, but found the Cello difficult as he's left handed! He then transferred to the Trombone under the scholarship of professer Jack Dacombe, (former Olympic athlete and one of the few musicians to hold the rank of Drum Major in the Portsmouth Royal Marines’ band).

Richard would be the first to admit he was never going to be a virtuoso on the Trombone but discovered he had a talent for teaching, transcribing, and arranging music. On leaving the band service he became a publican and spent a short time conducting the Yeovil Police Band.He first came into contact with the Paulton Band in the late 1980s’ when its chairman (Rodney Williams), became one of his customers. Rodney had heard about his musical past and explained to him that the band had expanded to include woodwind instrumentalists but they were unable to play a lot of the catalogue of music due to the scoring of parts, and were finding it difficult to raise sufficient funds to expand their repertoire. It was not unusual to find Rodney serving the pub customers whilst Richard sat at a table frantically transcribing parts for the woodwind players to play!In 1995, (by which time Richard had left the pub trade and joined the civil service), Rodney approached Richard to advise him that the band were in danger of closing as the current musical director was leaving and they could not find a replacement. Richard agreed to help them in the short term until they could appoint a permanent replacement. He has been with them ever since and in 2010 was honoured to be presented with a pair of batons in an engraved box to mark 15 years as musical director.Richard has been married to his long suffering wife Elaine for nearly 40 years and has to grown up daughters and a grandson and 2 grandaughters. His hobbies are camping, (but in a comfortable way)! and is a member of the Role of Honour in the Royal Antidiluvian Order of Buffaloes (a fund raising organization), which he has been an active member since 1988.

Mike Sheppard, Band Chairman.



Mike puts out all of the chairs for band practice!


No... actually...Mike is an excellent Trumpet player who stepped forard to replace Rodney Williams as the Chairperson for the band (thank-you Mike - we know you do a great job!) He has been playing Trumpet in the band for a long time, and can be best heard playing Trumpet Voluntary, and other pieces where he has the solo part.

Previous Band members

Here are some of the members of the band who have had a great time playing with the band for a number of years, but have had to leave for various reasons... we do miss them, and if they would be able to come back and play at any time, they would be more than welcome! Failing that, anyone and everyone is welcome to come and hear us play!

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