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It's all history....

The band was formed in 1981 and was first known as 'The Pink Panthers'. It mainly consisted of a few drummers, and a few brass instruments. In the late 80s it was felt the band should be called 'The Paulton Youth Band', and was still brass and percusion only, the band was under the leadership of Mr R Kingman. Growing from strength to strength the band undertook may engagements, including fetes, carnivals, supporting artists in concerts etc, and a variety of music was played.

In 1986 the band was very privaleged o plqy in the Colston Hall, Bristol, to raise money for charity. This was under the baton of Mr B Morgan. During this period the band was becoming a brass and woodwind band, and the repertoire was beginning to become more concert style, therefore it was felt the band should have a new name - 'The Paulton Youth Concert Band'.


When Mr I Brighton took over the baton, the band adopted a new policy for engagements and stopped the Saturday venues, and took to playing in local parks on Sundays. This has proved very successful and enjoyable to all attending.

In 1995, Mr R Soulsby joined the band as Musical Director, and has taken the band from strength to strength, with members of all abilities and ages. (That is why we changed our name to Paulton Concert Band as we are not all 'youth' anymore!)

The Music now played is very varied, and demanding, helping all stages of players to improve their skills. Learner's classes meet from 07:00pm to 07:30pm and are taught by an experienced player of the same instrument. The main band practices from 07:30pm - 09:00pm in the Holy Trinity Church, Paulton on a Monday evening.

The band does not undertake any engagements, or practices during the month of August. (We all need a rest sometimes!)

The band performs at least one concert a year, and sometimes two! One in the Spring/Summer and another at Christmas. Engagements range from playing in the Bath, Frome and Chipoenham parks on a Sunday afternoon, to supporting local fetes and gatherings, ans playing carols during December.

The band raises all of the running costs. These include: purchase of instruments, music stands, music, uniforms and the costs of hiring halls for practice and concerts.

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