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Time to get serious....

Please find below some of the forms you might to fill in for band, and any other 'formal' information you might need to know!

Please see below for important information.

Important information.

It is mportant that band members are on time for Monday practices. Although we are all quite laid back, if you can be on time it maximises the amount of time we have to practice as a whole band. 

As Richard says.... 'It's your own time you're wasting!'


It is important that if for any reason you cannot attend an event that you let someone know as soon as possible. If you can let Mike or Richard know, this is best.


If you need any music which you have missing, please see the other people within your section to get a piece photo copied. Wlternatively see Claire so that she can check the archives for the music.


If you need a lift to an event or need to discuss uniform, please see Claire as soon as possible. Do not leave it a week before an event to do this!


Nigel is still collecting cans to be crushed for monwy for the band. It takes a lot of cans to make a small amount of money, so when you have those BBQ's and parties remember to keep the cans and bring them in for Russel to take home on a Monday!


Please click on the forms below, to download.



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